Benefits of Using Neon Signs to Advertise Your Company

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Benefits of Using Neon Signs to Advertise Your Company

12 November 2015
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In today's intricate and dynamic business landscape, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to look for effective ways of advertising and promoting their services and products. A neon business sign can be placed in the interiors or exteriors of your premises to convey your intended commercial message and improve brand awareness and maintain your brand identity. While the benefits of using neon signage are many and diverse in nature, here are some essential points to explain why it is best for advertising and promotion purposes.

High visual impact

Neon signage is a great way to lure potential customers into your business premises. Given that neon lights are bright, they're a flamboyant type of signage. You can adjust the colors of the lighting on your neon signs to create more eye-catching displays. Neon signs also carry the supplementary benefit of being easily visible, especially in the darkest or foggiest of nights, catching people's attention even when your premises are closed for the day. So long as neon signs are placed strategically, e.g. at the entrance of your commercial establishment, they can captivate most people and invite them in.


From the conceptual design stage, to manufacturing and installation, neon signs can be tailored to match your exact commercial needs.  When designed with logos, color palettes, and phrasing that is striking, neon signs are easily noticeable, and they will help boost brand awareness and product sales by getting more crowds into your commercial buildings. You will exercise a whole lot of free will by choosing from a broad assortment of shapes, symbols, sizes, numbers and letters. Thus, neon signs are advertising and promotion tools that can define your business according to your exact concept.   


In case neon signs fail to work ahead of time, it's probably due to faulty wiring and not failure on the part of the neon bulbs. As such, you have greater odds of getting superior value for your money since these signs can last for a long duration.


The largest potential environmental risk associated with using fluorescent and neon bulbs is that they contain mercury, which is hazardous if released into the environment. When mercury is handled judiciously during the production process and recycled properly, mercury released into the environment is almost negligible. Even though mercury discharge is not a non-issue in the manufacture of neon signs, these signs are more eco-friendly as compared to their incandescent counterparts. This makes them good for human health and the entire environment in totality.