Top Reasons to Use a Live Answering Service

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Top Reasons to Use a Live Answering Service

9 December 2015
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If your company is looking for a solution for missed telephone calls and annoyed customers who can't reach a representative, a solution is finally here. Live answering service companies now provide the convenience of a secretary without the salary. Many of these businesses offer pay-as-you-go options that further cut costs, and their flexible hours make customer satisfaction almost guaranteed.

If you're looking into hiring one of these services, make sure to check out a few of the best reasons to use them.

Return on Investment

Missed phone calls and unanswered customer messages can lead to both dissatisfaction and lost sales opportunities for businesses. By guaranteeing a cheerful "hello" on the other end of the phone, live answering companies ensure that customer questions and concerns are answered (or directed to the appropriate person) so that a sale can be made. This is especially important in industries with large clients that bring in a lot of business but also constantly have questions.

It Saves Money

There is no doubt that secretaries are convenient and great at what they do, but unfortunately yearly salary and benefits packages are costly and unrealistic for small businesses. Even companies with current secretaries might not have enough to answer every single phone call that comes in, as their expertise would be better focused elsewhere. Outsourcing this easy task is a great way to cut costs or lighten the stress level of your current employees.


Even if the power at your company's headquarters or offices goes out, the live answering service you use to make your calls is likely located much farther away and will ensure your customers are still taken care of. Most call centers will have backup generators, computer systems, and offsite data storage to ensure that even the most damaging natural disasters don't affect your sales or success. When searching for appropriate services, make sure that they offer backup power—you may not plan for the power to go off, but it inevitably will if you don't prepare for it.

The Satisfaction of a Person versus a Machine

Anyone who has called an insurance company or repair service that has received the stereotypical answering machine message has probably been a bit frustrated, and they may have even taken their business elsewhere. With the guarantee of a person always answering the phone, your customers will be happier and willing to spend more for the quality product and customer service you are offering.